Announcing our Resident of the Month

Congratulations are in order for our resident of the month for August. Alberta Johnson is a delightful resident. She has a beautiful smile and a matching personality. She loves to participate in activities, particularly wheelchair volleyball led by our restorative team, and she is always willing to try new things.

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Celebrating a Faithful Volunteer

Brother Leroy has been coming to Signature Jacksonville for many years bringing a ray of sunshine to our residents by sharing his musical talents. He loves the “oldies” and hymns. His program combines them for a delightful hour.

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Sacred Six Compassion

Signature HealthCARE is guided by six sacred principles that guide all our processes. The Sacred Six principle we are highlighting for August is compassion. Sympathy means we feel bad for someone, compassion moves us to action! Our business is providing compassionate care and thereby alleviating suffering. Thanks to all our dedicated caregivers who take positive action to help our residents.

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Penny Toss

One of our most popular activities is the Penny Toss. Our residents can win prizes like food, toiletries, knick-knacks and more by landing a coin in prize square. It’s a great way to hone hand-eye coordination.

Celebrating July Birthdays

We are happy to celebrate another year of life with our residents born in July with singing, dancing and food.

QOL Bagel and Coffee Party

Shirley and Aundrell of our activities team dished out some delicious bagels and coffee for our residents.  We properly celebrated “Bagel Day”.

July Resident of the Month

Marcellus Sneed is our resident of the month for July. Marcellus is one of our favorite residents. He loves to play dominoes, and enjoys talking about sports. He is friendly, helpful and outgoing. Congratulations for being selected! Marcellus will enjoy a meal at his favorite restaurant.

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4th of July Fun On the Patio

Thank you to the Therapy, Restorative, and Activities teams for planning a super fun Independence Day party for our residents that included great food, beach volleyball, water gun fights and more. Also, thanks to all the Nurses and CNAs who helped make it a great day.


Chair Aerobics

Our residents enjoy a good workout led by our restorative team. Great to get the blood pumping and increase flexibility.

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